FactMerge (Future)


FactMerge™ applies Cognal Labs’ OntoloNet and Cognitive Natural Language technology in a distributed database marketplace.


A single Natural Language request can be broadcast to dozens or hundreds of disparate “Intelligized” databases, where each data source can contribute any part of the request that it knows about back to the Cognal Labs NL platform. FactMerge collects these pieces of data through its Conceptual Join methodology and merges them into a single set of rows to return to the person issuing the NL Request, or to other collaborative parties for analysis.

Cognal Labs’ existing NLU products extract exact facts from a small (but growing) set of target Subject Area databases. With FactMerge, true Interoperability can be gained by bringing in elements of data from disparate databases and, using Mr. Elder’s invention called Conceptual Joins, merge these collected facts into their “logical place” within Cognal’s OntoloNet of Common Terms and semantics.

FactMerge Features

  • B2B database facts can be merged with “Social Media” facts and Graph database elements
  • Cognal Labs’ scope of markets can be vastly expanded to be able to give answers to “low-hanging fruit” questions (e.g. “Closest Mexican restaurant”)
  • FactMerge will be a great mechanism for Cognal Labs’ Personal Assistant (code-named “Vobots”), slated for early release in the first quarter of 2020..