Cognal Labs’ first commercial application in final test is “CognalSports ™, getting “exact sports facts ™ from a set of “answerfied” sports databases (the first being Major League Baseball).

Users can use their mobile device or PC to simply speak or type in a request in plain language and get an immediate answer from a target database – in this case, baseball.

Under full disclosure and openness – a rigid Cognal Labs company policy, it should be noted that presently baseball fans must ask requests in a fairly direct manner and be knowledgeable about the types of stats comprising professional baseball to be satisfied with the product’s “success ratio”. In other words, a more casual sports fan might not be as successful with different ways of phrasing requests. This situation will change dramatically as Cognal Labs’ “Teach the Computer” methodology raises its Natural Language comprehension to the level acceptable for a commercial product launch. But as you’ll see in the Youtube video below the product is “real” and works well for sports fans who know the types of stats and “names of things” about baseball.