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Exact Searchbox ™

Enabling users and website visitors to search for facts from corporate databases with a single ad hoc query, instead of wading through dropdown menus.

Most company or product websites¬†”searchboxes” consist of a set of drop-down menus, with submenus that force the user to keep clicking until (hopefully) getting to a link that actually contains information the user is looking for.

By contrast, our “Exact Searchbox” allows the organization’s user to ask an ad hoc query in plain language and get an immediate answer.

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Here is a testimonial from one of our Exact Searchbox enthusiasts

“As a web publication dedicated to the promotion of the Performing Arts, we maintain a comprehensive database of performance listings, reviews, interviews and feature articles. The feature our readership has requested most is the ability to easily search through our hundreds of event listings and thousands of Performing Arts related articles.

Using the limited technology available to us today, our readers are forced to march through a ‘Drop Down Hell’ to select the myriad of possibilities to get to the information they want.

Providing a natural language based search method for our readers would be a game-changer for our usability and popularity. With SayQL and its integration with our underlying relational database, there is finally a light at the end of tunnel for our administrators and, most importantly, our readership.”

Michael Warner

CTO, Cloudbusting Media, Inc.




Single-step ad hoc search
Single-step ad hoc search
  • More flexible that DropDown Menus
  • Users give up on DropDown Menus and quit their Search
  • Website management is less complicated