Exact Sports Facts

Cognal’s first Sports-related application is “Exact Sports Facts™ “, getting immediate facts from a set of “Answerfied” sports databases (the first being Major League Baseball).

Users can use their mobile device or PC to simply speak or type in a request in plain language and get an immediate answer from any of the company’s Answerfied databases. After getting traction with sports fans (as well as serious “money-ball” Baseball Researchers (members of SABR – Society of American Baseball Researchers), Cognal will add other hugely popular professional database to its portfolio of Intelligized sports databases.

Short-term Goal: Reach Success Ratio Goal for company’s Mobile App to start generating Revenue from satisfied users

Exact Sports Facts – Baseball already far exceeds any other mobile app as to a success ratio of producing exact facts from a sports database through spoken requests, so the company is signing up beta testers to accelerate reaching the company’s desired success ratio of 85% – 90%, and then to launch the product commercially.