Consumer Search (B2C)

Consumers spend a high proportion of their time searching the Internet for products and services. Cognal offers two breakthrough methods to get immediate answers to B2C consumers.


Websites that allow visitors and users to get to the right set of facts and information usually employ a hierarchy of “DropDowns”, lists to click on that take the user to the next dropdown list to click on, and on and on down to the information the user is searching for. Cognal’s ExactSearchBox allows the user to state an ad hoc request in Natural Language to get to that exact information without wading through the DropDowns.

NL BigData™

Cognal Labs is initiating a series of tests of its Cognalytic Data Mining methodology against Application Program Interfaces (APIs) provided by IBM (Big SQL 3.0), HP Vertica, Facebook (Presto), Cloudera (Impala) and HortonWorks (Yarn).

The real Data Mining breakthrough offered by Cognal Labs will utilize its FactMerge technology to “conceptually join” entities and attributes from Consumer-oriented (B2C) Big Data data sources with a client’s own corporate OntoloNet (B2C2B).

One of the most common Consumer Search activities occurs on Websites that offer product information through “DropDowns”. A great alternative to DropDowns is Cognal’s ExactSearchBox.
Consumer Search often involves merging facts from disparate data sources into a single “actionable answer”. Cognal Labs’ FactMerge is a disruptive technological breakthrough for Consumer Search.