B2B Markets

Cognal Labs’¬†main market focus is B2B using its flagship product SayQL, providing user information requests in Natural Language queries against target Subject Area databases and Big Data sources.

Industry-specific Ontologies and Lexicons

Cognal Labs leverages its target markets through ‘answerfying’ specific Client POCs to the industry the client’s business is in. For example, the Company is involved in a Test Case for a Back Office Management potential client who manages 500 Insurance Agencies, spanning the Insurance Agency submarkets of Auto / Vehicle Insurance, Home and Personal Insurance, Life Insurance, etc. The company now has added those Insurance Type Ontologies to its OntoloNet taxonomy.

Natural Language interface for SQL-to-Big Data

A huge opportunity awaits the company by leading the race, as far as company management knows, to be the “First to market” Natural Language interface to the many SQL-to-Big Data initiatives by major vendors and corporations in the B2B market.

Getting immediate exact answers through Natural Language Data Search by automatically generating SQL for both relational databases and Big Data can provide B2B organizations a clear technological edge over their competition.