Automatic SQL Query Generation

SQL is the universal database “language”, but a data-savvy I.T. professional is required to write queries in SQL.

Cognal Labs’ unique Automatic SQL Query Generator allows regular end users to construct SQL commands without having to know SQL.

This patented feature (patent# 9652451) is embedded in Cognal Labs’ SayQL and SayStats products, which allow users to say or type a Natural Language request, which is then converted into a SQL query with Cognal’s Natural Language Understanding (NLU) module. Also, Cognal Labs’ VisReqs BI allows users to drag-drop entities and attributes from a tree into “Visual Requests”  (Visreqs) components, and then press a button to trigger the Automatic SQL Generator and get an immediate grid result.

With the company’s Automatic SQL Generator, the large untapped set of the “B.I. Community”, the actual end users, can now get answerable information and analytics from target databases.

Structured Query Language (SQL) is a “language” understandable to nearly all relational databases. SQL is used for both a “data manipulate language (DML)” – mainly used for “Database Query Commands”, and a “data definition language (DDL)”.

The inventors of Structured Query Language (SQL) , IBM – believed that it would be used by “non-database” users, but that turned out not to be the case for querying databases with more than a few tables. The problem lies in the structure of relational databases as a set of discrete “tables” – each of which contains all the information about a single entity (“relation”) (e.g. “Customer”, “Employee”, “Order”, “Batting Stats”). SQL employs a set-theory algebraic concept called “JOIN” that can extract information from “related” entities in a single SQL query.

Some B.I. products provide a graphic “end user query tool” with boxes representing entities (tables) and which allow a non-database person to “join” entities by “simply dragging the Primary Key of a “parent” table to the box representing a “child” table in a relationship between the two tables. But these graphic “query builders” cannot handle the real-world databases that have dozens or hundreds (even thousands) of entities and entity relationships. The “navigation” of relating table A to table Z through direct and indirect table joins is akin to the famous “traveling salesman problem” in computer science theory and graph theory.

Patented End User Database Queries

Cognal Labs’ Automatic SQL Generation™ feature is a major breakthrough for both B.I. and Natural Language Database Queries. This feature is covered by a patent awarded to its inventor, Marvin Elder (patent# 9652451).

Any Natural Language Database Query product must master this technology. In relational database management parlance it is called “automatic Joins”.

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