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Looking for exact answers? We’re rolling out the leading Natural Language Data Search tool, SayQL™, which converts natural language requests into SQL and returns immediate exact answers.

For over forty years people have wanted to use their natural language requests to get exact answers from computers, and more recently from their mobile devices. Not reams of documents to click through to get “close” to the correct answer, but real live facts. The problem facing search engines in finding exact facts from ad hoc user requests is two-fold: a) the answer to an ad hoc user request is by definition “ad hoc” (right now) and can’t be found by the nightly crawlers employed by search engines, and b) facts live in databases, and key-word search algorithms can’t semantically map the user’s natural language request into a database language like SQL.

To see a youtube demo of SayQL producing Exact Answers, choose the Products/Cognal Sports tab

(SayQL works on all relational databases; our main final beta database is Major League Baseball)

Try out our final beta mobile apps yourself, for free:

1. SayStats: (mobile sports app):

click the link below, entering ‘guest’ as your userName (and then ‘Y’ or ‘N’ as to whether you are a SABR stats member).
SayStats here

2. Query Oracle’s XE sample database across schemas:

click the link below, entering your FirstName.LastName to log in (if you are among the Oracle managers we’ve sent an email to), or just enter ‘guest’ if not.

oracleDbSchemas here

Cognal Labs leverages its key Cognitive Machine Learning technology to derive and license a series of groundbreaking products in huge markets

Many disruptive products and markets are dependent on a proven and reliable data search product delivering actionable answers and analytics. Cognal Labs’ breakthrough Cognitive Natural Language invention allows the company to launch a series of ‘Cognalytic’ products that bring tremendous new benefits to its clients and strategic partners.

Cognal Labs has designed six disruptive products based on the company’s core technology, slated for release or awaiting future implementation, with more on the drawing board.

The cognitive and semantic nature of Cognal Labs’ Natural Language technology brings to the company an easy means of providing “Semantic Equivalence” of sentences and phrase, presently in English and later in foreign languages.

New! The IP behind SayQL and our other future products was awarded US patent # 9652451: “Natural Language Query” (Inventor and Patent Owner: Marvin Elder, CEO of Cognal Labs)